UX Week 2014 Workshops Preview

There’s nothing like a good workshop for amping up a skill or gaining a new one. Workshops are also great opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with people who do the same kind of work or face similar challenges.

That’s why UX Week workshops in particular really stand out. We carefully select topics and workshop leaders in direct response to what we see in the discipline and the problems our clients ask us to solve. In short, we look for topics and activities that will arm experience designers with what they need to be better at what they do.


A big challenge at any conference is selecting the workshops to attend. Too often, two (or more!) sessions you want to sign up for are scheduled at exactly the same time!

Well, for 2014 we’re doing something about that very issue. Through the magic of logistics, we’re offering each workshop twice, on different days, so there’s a lot of selection flexibility. We’re also offering a mix of half-day and full-day workshops, so you can pack in a broader range of learning opportunities.


It’s a good thing the new schedule is more flexible, because this year we have an especially great lineup of workshop leaders and topics, covering everything from mobile and responsive design, prototyping, sketching, storytelling, and service design to building great teams. Here’s a sampling of what’s in the lineup:


The UX Week 2014 workshop selector will be available very soon! If you’ve already registered, we’ll let you know the moment it’s time to pick.

If you’ve been dragging your feet and haven’t registered yet for UX Week 2014, there’s still time to save! Until June 30, 2014, enjoy an early bird price of $2,595 for the entire conference, including the workshops, of course. Go here to register.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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