Usability Tip: Make it Easy to Get out of Panic Mode

May 9, 2014

Reading through headlines on the CNN mobile app, I tapped one of the articles with a play icon next to it not realizing a video would start playing instantly (as opposed to first directing me to an article with an embedded video). I was out in public, and immediately tried to find a way to turn the video off, but missed the cancel button with my finger and the video started to play. Without paying attention to the actual content, I then tried my luck tapping aimlessly on the screen. Relieved I was able to put an end to video playback, I found myself on a Verizon page not knowing how I ended up there or how to get back to the article I wanted to read.

Trying to retrace my actions, I realized that, while in panic mode, I tapped the video during the first couple of seconds of a Verizon ad, which is how I ended up on the more
By Tammy Guy