UIEtips: Perspectives over Power – Habits of Collaborative Team Meetings

We’ve all been in productive, energetic meetings and we’ve been in dragged out, nothing accomplished, pull your hair out meetings. The difference between the two types of meetings comes down to planning and facilitating. In our research, we’ve found teams that have the most effective meetings create a particular type of experience and they follow a specific set of characteristics to ensure a successful meeting.

Having meetings as a designed experience is one of Kevin Hoffman’s specialties. For several years now, he’s been showing and leading teams on what it takes to make your meetings more productive, effective, and fun. At this year’s User Interface 18 Conference in Boston, October 21-23, Kevin shares his expertise and insights in his daylong workshop Leading Super Productive Meetings. Kevin’s workshop is a sure fire way to make your meetings better.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

As we were studying the different teams, we realized the outcomes in the more effective meetings didn’t happen by chance. They were quite intentional.

These teams had built up a toolbox of tricks and techniques that they regularly employed to get the most out of their meetings. The less effective teams tended to walk into the room and improvise how they were going to get their results. “How do we want to do this?” was a familiar starting refrain in many of these meetings.

We noticed the more effective teams spent more time preparing for the meeting than the less effective teams. In setting up the meeting, they’d discuss the approach they’d use and exactly what they wanted to get out.

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