UIEtips: Design is the Rendering of Intent

In this week’s TIPS, I’ll begin explaining design as “the rendering of intent.” Simply put, this is when the designer imagines an outcome and puts forth activities to make that outcome real.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

What if the team had approached the design with a different intention? What if they had intended that users would get through the sign-up process without ever seeing an error message?

Designer extraordinaire, Robert Fabricant once said, “Behavior is the medium of design.” When we encounter a user’s behavior that isn’t what we’ve intended, we change the design until we see what we want.

An implication of this definition for design is how it changes our notion of who is a designer.

Read the article Design is the Rendering of Intent.

How do you assure your design process is a way to come to a single intention? Tell us about it below.