The Finger Your Phone Can’t Live Without (It’s Not Your Thumb)


The pinky is unquestionably the forgotten finger, often considered a mere accessory in a lineup of more valuable digits. If you had to say goodbye to an appendage, the pinky is an easy sell

But there's far more to the pinky besides looking refined while sipping tea. In addition to playing a key character in maintaining balance, it's the most important supporting role of the entire digital age. The pinky is the mobile shelf

Grab your smartphone and do a simple task, like check your email. Like a trusty steed, carrying the weight of your contacts, apps and messages upon its tiny, boney surface, the pinky is most likely propping up the device. I've asked both men and women to participate in my "where's your pinky?" test; nearly always, the results were the same. (Note: You might see your pinky resting on the smartphone's side until you start to navigate through the user interface.) Read more...

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