Nine Lies We Tell Ourselves About Mobile

June 3, 2014

As someone who spends a lot of time looking up mobile stats, poring over research reports, and who was around for the early days of mobile, I can barely stand to read half the articles that try to wax philosophical about mobile’s history, or draw some broader conclusion about the industry and it’s direction. They are almost always based on some mistaken assumption, and we perpetuate lies about mobile by putting them down in writing and spreading them around.

I’ve been doing mobile design since 1999. I was there for the dawn of location services. I worked on the first US mobile data network of any note, and designed stuff like the first MP3 music service for mobile, a very early app store, and the first Google mobile search.

I saw a lot of this first hand, working with others to help come up with some basic truths about our narrow fields more
By Steven Hoober


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