MX 2014: Big Topics, Smart Leaders, Supportive Community

Since 2007, the Managing Experience Conference (MX, as we call it) has focused on creating an exchange of inspirational yet practical advice between designers and business leaders who are passionate about shepherding great experiences into the world. MX 2014 is right around the corner, March 16-17 in San Francisco.

The people who attend MX are the good folks battling every day to create those great (and human) experiences over the long haul, while still making next quarter’s numbers. Whether they identify as User Experience professionals, Customer Experience professionals or just the people creating the services we all depend on, MX attendees make it all happen and we have a special love for them. It’s our mission to give them what they need to be successful.

On the heels of last year’s conference we reached out to attendees to learn what key ideas and topics they thought would be important to focus on in 2014. A few common themes bubbled to the surface that helped guide our conference programming…

  1. Building and executing a vision and strategy for experience
  2. Working with and at the top levels of the organization
  3. Delivering change and experience excellence across the organization

So let me introduce you to our incredible line up of speakers…

Zipcar obsesses about the member experience. So we were thrilled when Lesley Mottla, EVP of Product & Experience at Zipcar agreed to join us this year. Lesley and her team are the behind-the-scenes masterminds who take a people-centered approach to improving, designing, and innovating the Zipcar member experience—from mobile to web to member support to the car itself.

Chris McCarthy is the Director of the Innovation Learning Network and an Innovation Specialist with Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Consultancy. Some of his innovations include better tools for new moms, safer medication administration for patients, and more robust shift changes for nurses. He joined us onstage at UX Week in 2010 and we are eager to have him back to share his latest experiences.

Kerry Bodine has been championing the reporting and analysis on Customer Experience and Service Design at Forrester. We’re excited about the crisp thinking from her analysis work and the excellent book she co-authored, Outside-In she’ll be bringing to MX. She’ll share how CX, UX, Service Design, and brand will integrate in the future, why businesses will need great experiences even more, and great forward-looking examples of how it’s lead and done.

Wendy Lea is CEO of Get Satisfaction and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley and one of the SF Business Times’ Most Influential Women in Business. Wendy will discuss the value companies can bring to their customers by building interdependence between customer experience, customer relationship, and community.

Jon Setzen is Creative Director at web hosting and cloud services company (mt) Media Temple. He also runs the L.A. Chapter of CreativeMornings — a monthly design lecture series with chapters in more than 40 cities. Jon joins us to share his journey building cultures, making mistakes, and achieving success.

J. Galen Buckwalter is Founding Scientist at TidePool, Research Scientist at Institute for Creative Technologies at University of Southern California, and former Chief Scientist Officer at eHarmony. From years immersed in data for the advancement of science, Galen’s talk is about building resilience.

Michael Kim is CEO and Founder of Habit Design, an open science research cooperative of over 500 companies, universities, and non-profits designing sustainable behavior-change systems. Michael will share what he’s learned about successfully changing the daily habits of teams.

Josh Levine is a Brand Strategist and Founder of Great Monday, a business consultancy that helps build brands from the inside out. We were so impressed and inspired by his work with Adaptive Path last year, that we’ve asked him to lead a pre-conference workshop on why culture is the vital component every organization needs to make their brand strategy real in both the workplace and the marketplace.

Jason Stirman is in charge of Product Design and People Operations at Medium. He also designed products and managed teams at Twitter. Jason has founded multiple companies and has helped several other companies build products and define product strategy. He’ll explore the question: what if we applied emerging design principles to the experience of working at our companies?

We are also excited to bring some insightful and talented former Adaptive Path colleagues to MX this year:

Todd Wilkens, now at IBM, is leading a pre-conference workshop on scaling design beyond designers. He’ll share two core practices recently developed as part of IBM’s human-centered design transformation (the first public sharing of these ideas outside IBM). UPDATE: He’ll also be giving a talk about this transformation, focussing on ways to deliver change and experience across the organization and how to build high-performing teams that work across channels and the organization.

Kate Rutter is Principal at, where she creates visual explanations that make complex ideas simple, memorable, and shareable. In her pre-conference workshop, she will share some of her Lean UX expertise to give participants rapid exposure to the core ideas driving Lean Startup innovation trends.

Leah Buley, author of The User Experience Team of One, and now at Intuit, will walk us through a case study in her talk, The Marriage of Corporate and UX Strategy.

UPDATE: Also speaking at MX — Peter Merholz, Adaptive Path co-founder and one of the people responsible for starting the MX conference. Now VP of Global Design at Groupon, Peter will present a new hybrid model for how design can integrate with the rest of the organization, where all design (marketing and product/service) is centralized as a highly leveraged function, and a small team can have an outsized impact.

It’s my second year as co-chair of our Managing Experiences Conference and putting together our program is one of the highlights of my year. I can hardly wait to bring all of them together in one place to see how the collage and collision of ideas impacts us and you!

Scenes from Adaptive Path’s MX 2013 from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.


MX: Managing Experience Conference
San Francisco | March 16 & 17
$1,795 Conference-only (early bird price through Jan., 31)
$395 Pre-conference Workshop (choose one of three)

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