Make Collaboration Happen, a Virtual Seminar with EightShapes’ Dan Brown

Happy, productive teams may seem like a pipe dream to those who believe all designers are divas, project managers rush timelines, and bosses (or clients) expect the impossible. Dan Brown’s team at EightShapes has adopted behaviors, making their work transparent and effective. In Make Collaboration Happen, he’ll show you how he’s distilled these behaviors into a framework called the “4 Virtues of Collaboration.”

You’ll want to attend this seminar if you

  • Want to learn 6 different behaviors to become more collaborative on a daily basis
  • Have to interact with multiple stakeholders as a regular part of your job
  • Struggle to answer “who is doing what?”
  • Don’t want another collaboration tool, but instead a methodology you can actually use

If you want to improve the way you—and your team—interpret and respond to everyday design challenges, be sure to save your spot.



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