Keeping calm managing egos, risk, and deadlines

There is a better way to manage creative projects

You’ve been asked to bring more creativity and innovation into the design on a super tight deadline. On top of that you’re working with a team of opinionated people who aren’t afraid to push back.

No sweat. Scott Berkun just taught you how to balance business, marketing, and creative through:

  • Persuasive Communication: Get stakeholders on the same page by understanding their incentives
  • Managing Risk: See how to keep creative egos in check and wrangle aggressive milestones
  • Process Improvement: Find where innovation can happen – realistically – for your culture

Scott’s teaching is routinely ranked “outstanding” by people who manage creative teams. You won’t want to miss his full-day workshop Innovating on a Deadline on October 22 at UI18 in Boston.

At Scott’s workshop you’ll learn to:

  • Protect your ideas from getting killed
  • Avoid common problems creative leaders encounter
  • Convince stakeholders that your project is worth the risk
  • Identify what your team *really needs* to do its best work yet

Discover how innovative you can be – once you develop your creative management toolkit at UI18. Explore the conference at

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