Job Vacancy: IT Manager (Bristol)

 Position summary

The IT Manager helps cxpartners deliver great work by understanding staff’s goals and behaviour and by identifying and deploying tools that facilitate more effective and efficient ways of working and collaborating within cxpartners and with our clients and business partners. The IT Manager also oversees data security, backups and disaster recovery at cxpartners.


Hiring notes

We value the ability to measure outcomes (to demonstrate work is more effective or efficient) and deliver return on investment.

We want evidence of the ability to listen and focus on human needs rather than gizmos: to begin by listening and understanding the needs of staff within cxpartners, to communicate clearly and get buy-in from staff.

The solutions this person favours should be simple, flexible and future oriented.

Coaching and supporting staff will be key in this role. cxpartners’ staff should feel the IT Manager helps them get more out of technology and improves their working environment by making it easier to do the work they’re asked to do.


Performance objectives

1. Simplify file sharing and project management.

The primary objective during the first year is to establish a standard set of processes for sharing files and managing projects and thereby save time and improve access to documents. In the first month, talk to staff in all functions within the company to understand their needs, constraints and behaviours and to establish a framework for measuring the benefits of a new system. In the first three months, to make baseline measurements, to identify and pilot the tools, and to select a solution that gains enthusiastic buy-in from staff. In the first six months to have trained all members of staff in the new system and created training materials for new members of staff.


2. Ensure key business documents are easily available to all staff

We have a number of ‘live’ business planning documents and background information which should be easily visible to all staff. Within six months, these should be collected and organised in such a way that staff can easily discover, access, and edit them.


3. Audit our software, passwords and licenses

In the first year, to ensure we are able to demonstrate we have the correct licenses for all software we use and that we have a set of passwords that are stored in a way that is secure and accessible to staff.


4. Video conferencing

We want a great video conferencing link between London and Bristol – one that allows staff to quickly and easily see each other, share screens and work on sketches together. Within a year, we need a solution that staff want to use and that saves money by allowing us to work across locations without interruptions for setup or travel.


5. Security and backups

By the end of the first year, to have taken over responsibility for backups and to have created a security framework that enables ongoing audits of security risks and identifies ways in which we can improve security without impacting staff effectiveness or efficiency.


6. Help us grow a knowledge-base of critical information.

This summer we’ll be developing a knowledge base of user research. By August, the IT Manager will have helped the Senior User Research Consultant to have identified and set up a software platform for this.


7. Take over the setup and management of laptops and mobile devices

Currently this is done by an external contractor. Within three months this should be carried out by the IT Manager by default.


8. Identify opportunities to automate and improve business processes

In the first year, the IT Manager should identify new opportunities to automate and improve business processes and prioritise these according to opportunity and cost.


In return, we’ll offer you a great package with a bonus scheme, 25 days holiday, and benefits including a smartphone of your choice, a cash back healthcare scheme, a pension plan to which we’ll contribute, and a MacBook. We’ll support your personal development with an individual training/ conference budget of £1,200 per year.

Interested?? Please email with your CV.

About cxpartners

cxpartners is a user centred design consultancy working with clients such as Channel 4, Cambridge University and Marriott to develop web and mobile experiences. Our projects take us all over the world and we’ve a global reputation as leading thinkers in this field. Nevertheless, we’re a small, friendly and informal team. We think we provide a great place to work and grow, and a fantastic place in which to further your career.

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