Jeff Gothelf: The Champion of Lean UX

Jeff Gothelf knows better than anyone the importance of validating product ideas and concepts early in the design process to ensure you’re on the right track. He also knows the value of using rapid prototyping techniques and how to focus your efforts on achieving a business outcome rather than building features. If you agree with these ideas and want  to learn how to escape product requirement hell using Lean UX, read on.

In the below post, you’ll find some great free articles and podcasts around Lean UX and Agile. But you can really dive in deep at this year’s User Interface 18 Conference in Boston, October 21-23, 2013. In Jeff Gothelf’s workshop Escaping Product Requirement Hell Using Lean UX, You’ll learn to prioritize an endless backlog of ideas and features by talking about business outcomes earlier in your process — collaboratively — with your entire team. You will also get to see why you don’t have to build an entire product to understand if the idea has real value.

Here’s some reading about Lean UX

    Why Lean UX? - Jeff Gothelf
    Jeff Gothelf lays out the rationale for why Lean UX is something new and why it’s important now

    Is There Any Meat on This Lean UX Thing?- Jared M. Spool
    Jared sets out to learn what Lean UX was all about. He talked to dozens of folks in all areas of the UX field and dug into what people mean when they talk about it.

    Designing with Remote Teams – Jeff Gothelf

    Jeff explains how to make designing work with remote teams. While the benefits of in-person collaboration and communication are clear, it doesn’t mean they can’t be achieved with remote colleagues.

    Cost Effective Approaches to Iteration in Agile UX – Jared M. Spool
    Jared delves into some ideas on how to make agile UX cost-effective.

    Agile Development Processes: An Interview with Jeff Patton – By Jared M. Spool and Joshua Porter
    In this interview Jeff Patton suggests that agile processes lead to happier people and reduced cycle times. He also posits that development teams engaged in Agile approaches generally work more collaboratively and see the software they are designing and building delivered at a higher frequency.

Here’s a taste of what Jeff and others have been saying about Lean UX

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