Improve Your Mobile UX with These Six Podcasts

Below we feature the six UX luminaries giving full-day workshops at the UX Immersion Mobile Conference, April 7-9 in Denver, CO. Each of these podcasts brings insights on how to improve communication and workflow with your team and users.

Structuring Your Workflow for Responsive Web Design
by Ben Callahan
With the need for the web to reconfigure and adapt to different devices and displays, designers and developers need to adapt to changing workflows. Ben discusses how to move towards an iterative and collaborative approach which in turn allows your clients to become more involved in the process.

Listen to Ben’s podcast.

The Challenges of Usability Testing Mobile Apps
by Cyd Harrell
Cyd Harrell has developed some good remote usability techniques that can be more effective, both in scope and cost as well as results, than a formal testing lab.( Even something as simple as “hugging” a laptop with the screen angled away from you and using the built in camera can give fantastic insights into how a user will interact with a mobile device.)

Listen to Cyd’s podcast.

Creating Responsive Interfaces
by Brad Frost
Frameworks and design patterns are no strangers in the world of web design. As responsive web design becomes common practice, making sure these templates work across every imaginable screen and device is trickier. Brad shares his concept of Atomic Design to tackle this challenge.

Listen to Brad’s podcast.

Responsive Web Design with Mobile in Mind
by Jason Grigsby
The ability for your site to display across screen sizes and devices, reduces development time and allows for one design to work anywhere. Jason the total experience of your site is more than just what it looks like. In Jason’s mind, you need to start with performance in mind in addition to considering mobile-first.

Listen to Jason’s podcast.

Mobile Strategies for Your Content
by Karen McGrane
Ensuring that your site is responsive or adaptive is becoming essential to your mobile design strategy. Simply tacking a responsive framework on top of your existing site will often end in disappointment. Having a solid strategy about how and what your site will display across devices will go a long way to developing an asset and content management system to accompany it.

Listen to Karen’s podcast.

Coding Mobile Prototypes
by Nate Schutta
If designers understand even a little bit about code it breaks down silos within the team. Nate believes that prototyping in code helps solidify this communication. Being able to visualize and demonstrate your ideas not only provides for greater understanding, but a faster workflow.

Listen to Nate’s podcast.

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