Four Things I Learned about UX at Universal Studios

July 9, 2014

From the moment you walk into a theme park, everything is meticulously designed to deliver you an immersive experience unlike any other. Universal Studios, where I once worked as a VIP tour guide, is no exception. When you get ready to fight bad guys in the streets of New York with Spider-Man, the queue you stand in is lined with monochromatic rooms as a throwback to the style of early comics. The story of the ride begins in lineā€”the ride itself is only the cinematic conclusion.

Working as a tour guide here was a fun experience, and I realize that I still help deliver immersive experiences to people as a marketer and design enthusiast in the Bay Area. Looking back to my days at Universal, however, I sometimes wish that I had the vocabulary then to articulate my understanding of more
By Tony Albanese