Adaptive Path 2014 Conferences & Workshops: End of Year Registration Sale

It’s that time of year again… We’re running our annual end-of-the-year events sale and now is the time to save big on next year’s conferences and workshops. They won’t get any cheaper. You won’t get a better deal that this. You should probably go get your wallet.

The scoop: register for any of our events by January 6th, 2014 and we’ll take 15% off the currently (already steeply discounted) early bird prices. Use the promotional code ‘RNSB‘ (that stands for register now, save big) when registering.

Snagging a seat now for next year is smart way to spend any unused training or education budget you might have. No budget left this year? We’ve got you covered. Register now using the promo code, and use the ‘Send Invoice‘ payment option. Payment must be received by January 31st, 2014 for the current early bird prices and the end of the year discount to apply.

We hope to see you in 2014!

MX: Managing Experience Conference
March 16-17

UX Week
September 9-12

The Service Experience Conference
November 13-14

Experience Mapping Workshop
San Francisco February 8 /// Austin February 20
[the experience mapping workshops are in our studio and meant for a small group, if you're interested, don't wait—tickets will go quickly.]

UX Intensive Dublin
May 13-16

[Here's a PDF to print it out and drop on someone's desk as a reminder. Like, the person who pays for things in your organization.]

Adaptive Path 2014 events flyer