A Must Have Tool for Every Designer

Collaborate better with your design teams

Your meeting is going perfectly until one of the remote members of the team says, “I don’t really understand how you’re moving from point A to point B in the design. Can you show us what you’re talking about?” Immediately you plug in your trusted IPEVO document camera, grab paper and pen, sketch it out, and voila your sharing your sketch with the remote team members.

You just saved precious time on unproductive discussion and confusion. You used a powerful tool to push your work forward. Guess what? That tool is included when you register by August 8 for the User Interface 18 Conference in Boston, October 21–23.

Why You Need the IPEVO Document Camera:

  • Share your design ideas and sketches with remote teams to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Document individual sketches during design studios to a digital file for easy access in the future
  • Project sketches to large audiences to convey your designs
  • Get everyone participating and working together saving time and increasing productivity
  • Conduct usability tests remotely while letting the team back in the office watch

Register by August 8 to Get Your Free IPEVO

We’re always looking to bring you new resources, processes, and techniques to help you become a better designer. Now we have a great tool that we’re excited to include with your UI18 conference registration, the IPEVO document camera. But it’s only available until August 8 so be sure to register now.

Explore the conference at UICONF.com

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