5 examples of different ways to use product images to improve e-commerce conversion

5 examples of different ways to use product images to improve e-commerce conversion

1. Use of responsive images to get large tasty, flashy and more attractive  images in front of the user.


Without the ability to touch, hold, smell, taste or otherwise handle the products they are interested in, potential customers have only images to interact with. Ultimately, the softer, tastier, flashier and more attractive your products look to shoppers, the more confident they’ll feel about purchasing from you and the better your conversion rate will be.

2. Simple rollover images on a lister page giving users that little more information as they need it.


Having the ability to put the right type of image in front of the user at the right time is a powerful tool. Users rolling over an image are likely to be interested in knowing a little more about what they are seeing. A perfect opportunity to use that to your advantage if you know what they want to see,

3. Simple rollover zoom on a product page


I’ve watched countless videos of users following the same behavior on e-commerce websites. Customers love to see the dials and displays of products they’re interested in just like they would in real world situations. Giving them an opportunity to have a closer look at the things that interest will pay dividends.

4. Product image is king!


Dedicating space to images of products the user can have an emotional response too will help you sell. Decisions are made based on emotion as well as reasoning selling to one and not the other will cause you problems.


5.Thumbnail gallery in an easily accessible area,


Showing the user what they are going to get when they interact is key to making sure they don’t get scared/worried about exploring.


Jay Townley Senior UX Designer ao.com DRL Limited

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