Why Use Scenarios in UX Design?

Scenarios Can Change the User Experience

If you work on a team that struggles to prioritize features or makes assumptions about users’ experiences, then it’s time for scenarios and journey maps.

Benefits of Scenarios and Journey Maps

  • Clarity: Data on how your desktop or mobile site makes users feel
  • Harmony: Digestible problem statements your team can actually talk about
  • Progress: Stories and sketches that clear your backlog rather than add to it

Fortunately, process maven Kim Goodwin is here to help. During her full-day workshop Using Scenarios to Design Intuitive Experiences, she’ll dig into these topics and processes. It all happens in Boston, October 21.

There, you’ll learn to:

  • Map the user’s journey
  • Break down known problems into tiny chunks
  • Write scenarios to resolve design issues
  • Create stories and sketches to flesh out ideas

Hundreds of past attendees still rave about Kim’s full-day workshop saying their teams now work together better and design better, too.

So if you want to design better, then we want you to be at UI18. Use the code UIBLOG and get $200 off the 3-day conference registration price. Full details for you (or your boss) at UICONF.com.

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