What’s In a Microinteraction?

The Design Details that Users Remember Most

If you sit in meetings about “increasing engagement,” then it’s time to design microinteractions, those tiny moments that make or break a user’s experience.

Why Microinteractions Matter

  • Recall: Users love to see unexpected, delightful details
  • Engagement: Users love intuitive designs that feel personalized
  • Virality: Users love to tell friends about memorable experiences

Dan Saffer knows how to design experiences that people remember for all the right reasons. He’ll teach you his methods and techniques at Designing Microinteractions, a full-day workshop on October 23 at UI18 in Boston.

There, you’ll learn to:

  • Write microcopy that’s enjoyable to read – and helpful, too
  • Trigger unexpectedly fun responses to users’ inputs
  • Balance animation, touch, and sound
  • Set rules that are responsive to real user behavior

If you’re familiar with Dan’s work and his writing (he just released a new book on Microinteractions), you’ll know that Dan’s the man for practical advice on creating better designs, one detail at a time.

So if you really want to increase user engagement, then we really want to see you at UI18. Use the promotion code BLOG for $200 off the current conference price.

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