UX Week 2014: Meet the Keynotes

Every year, when we set about the task of choosing speakers for UX Week, we look for people who can bring a broad perspective to the challenges facing experience designers today. I’m particularly excited about this year’s keynotes because they may represent the most diverse range we’ve seen yet.

For years, Dwell magazine’s coverage of architecture and interior design has been a major source of inspiration for the designers at Adaptive Path — not just for the obvious aesthetic appeal of the living spaces they feature, but for the clear interest they have in the way people interact with those spaces. That’s why we’re particularly excited to have Dwell editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron as our opening keynote. Amanda will be talking about the emerging patterns she’s seeing in how architects and interior designers are creating practical spaces with emotional appeal.

We’ve been trying for a long time to get digital product design thinker Josh Clark at UX Week, and I’m happy to say we finally nabbed him. Josh is the author of the book Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps, and he’ll be sharing his thoughts on the deeper principles driving the evolution of digital products in the 21st Century to close out day one of UX Week.

He may be best known for taking Alex Trebek to the cleaner 74 times in a row, but author Ken Jennings is also a serious design geek — specifically about maps, and the myriad ways people have used maps to communicate over the centuries. He wrote a whole book on the subject, and he’ll share with us his insights from a lifelong interest in how map design reflects and influences how we understand the world and our relationship to it. (He is also, as those who follow him on Twitter know, a master of the absurd one-liner.)

Our closing keynote, Denise Jacobs, has done a lot of thinking about the creative life and what it takes for creative people to be both successful and fulfilled. She’ll share with us her ideas about how to cultivate and harness our creativity to imagine new possibilities, create compelling design work, and ultimately make the world a better place. It promises to be an inspiring send-off.

UX Week 2014 takes place September 9-12, here in San Francisco. Register now before prices go up on May 1, 2014!

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