UIEtips: Building a Cohesive Design Team

It’s not accidental that successful teams share certain characteristics. Those teams conscientiously build their skills, bringing members up to speed. The process makes them stronger and more cohesive. In today’s article, Jared covers six characteristics that repeatedly emerge in research on successful teams.

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Here’s an excerpt from the article:

One question we found to be quite telling was when we asked, Who is on Project X’s design team? There were two types of answers. Either they’d say the design team consisted only of those people with the official title of Designer, or they’d give us a long list that included everyone working on the project without regard to their job title in the organization.

Inclusive teams make an effort to have people with non-traditional design jobs involved in the process. Several teams we talked with shared that their company’s legal counsel was part of the team, to ensure the presentation of compliance information was as well designed as possible. Among many teams, developers were considered design team members, even when they’d previously not played a part in product design. Some teams included key field management, like retail store General Managers, as they were rolling out integrated store and e-commerce designs.

Read the article: Building a Cohesive Design Team.

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