The Influence of iOS 7 and Designing for Mobile in an Omnichannel World

May 29, 2014

Digital design paradigms are shifting faster than ever before. In less than a decade, we have moved from point-and-click to skeuomorphism to flat design. This pace of change impacts designers who need to keep up with ever-changing standards, companies that have to manage increasing fragmentation and updates across platforms, and it also affects customers who have to process and adopt novel patterns while seeking familiarity in the tools that they use. In an omnichannel, ever-evolving world, how can designers manage all of this disruption?

As we look forward to what’s next in Apple’s iOS 8, we can learn from the influence that iOS 7 has had on driving mobile interface design. iOS 7’s shift to flat design has impacted both the design of new services and how existing ones are updated. Although more
By Nour Diab Yunes


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