Strengthen Your UX Skills with These Tools and Techniques

At the User Interface 19 Conference in Boston, October 27-29 you’ll learn new techniques and skills to make you a stronger UX Designer. Plus we’ll give you the tools to use at the conference and afterwards with a designer’s toolkit when you register by Thursday, July 3.

Choose two workshops from these leaders

Mobile design

Luke Wroblewski

Design process

Leah Buley

Service-design thinking

Marc Stickdorn

User scenarios

Kim Goodwin


Dan Saffer

Data visualization

Stephen Anderson


The tools to help you with your designs

When you register by Thursday, July 3 you’ll get your own designer’s toolkit loaded with essential tools needed to make great designs.

This kit will help you iterate and share your thoughts in physical form and capture all your awesome ideas during and after the conference. Sign up now to get your kit.

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