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Microinteractions are often an overlooked UX element, yet they can be incredibly powerful. It can be the difference from engaging and delighting your user to turning them away from your web site. Crafting the right copy to use is just a small element. There are many factors that go into it including appropriate timing, how data influences the triggers you use, and how to convey feedback just to name a few.

In this post, we’ve listed out some great free articles and podcasts on microinteractions. Additionally, you can really jump in deep with Dan Saffer’s fullday workshop, Designing Microinteractions at this year’s User Interface 18 Conference in Boston, October 21-23, 2013. Dan’s workshop covers everything you need to know to ensure you properly create, use, and monitor microinteractions.

Here’s some reading on Microinteractions

Feedback Illuminates the Rules – Dan Saffer
Dan discusses designing with details

Designing Intuitive Microinteractions – Jared M. Spool
Jared talks about microinteractions and how the social interaction they play.

Designing Microinteractions – An interview with Jared M. Spool and Dan Saffer
Jared and Dan discuss what microinteractions are and how they play a social role.

Here’s a taste of what Dan has been saying about microinteractions

Designing Microinteractions – Dan Saffer
Do you think about the ringer on your phone and the ability to turn it off? Dan Saffer uses this example to kick off his book Microinteractions. Silencing the ringer on your phone is a common feature. If that feature is clunky or hard to find it interferes with needing to silence it quickly, in a crowded movie theatre for example. These tiny interactions that surround the main functionality are integral to rounding out the entire experience.

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