The last big project of my career at

I am pleased to announce a step change in’s core offering with the launch of  TV and Home Entertainment. The new category sees us stocking a range of audio visual products, from TVs and blu-ray players through to soundbars and cables.

To accompany the launch of the new category there are a number of significant changes across the website, which has fundamentally been redesigned across the core journey and supporting pages.

Over the past couple of months you will have seen changes appearing on site, such as the new green header and category pages, along with tests of new functionality and a new look Top 5s. Today’s launch ties all of those pieces together.

Sad but very exciting times…


  • UX 90%
  • UI 90%
  • Wireframe 95%
  • Design 80%
  • Documentation 60%
  • Communication 80%
  • Coding 20%


Brand Strategy


Promo Reel

Brand spanking new home page

Designed from wireframe by Duane Dobson the new homepage had to meet the needs of both the users and the trade team to create a simple user experience but also be able to create a platform for the ao trade team to be able to promote any activities they were working on in a simple and easy to control way.

The homepage has seen a major facelift. Secondary banners have been added underneath the main promotional carousel so that we can maximise trading messages


AV Category landing page top level

The purpose of a landing page is to expand upon the message of the advertisement or link and convince the visitor to “convert” into becoming a customer by taking a specific action. is very plain and helpful in its speaking and I tried to recreate this through a very clear and simple category page with plenty of sign posts to let you know where to go next, and also just enough imagery to excite the user in their shopping experience.

As a direct result of the change in navigation we have created a new category page template (the left hand visual) which acts as a direct replacement for the mega menu, acting primarily as a signpost page through the rest of the category.

The wider template change, sees the addition of a promotional carousel and secondary banners which allow us to create more tailored trading, promotional and propositional messages relevant to the specific category. We’ve also added more ways to navigate through to the lister page by including selected facets (eg. Screen Size, Features) to the on-page navigation via tabs and navigation pods directly below the tabs. Peerius also runs on this page to enhance the category specific on-site personalisation/recommendation.

AV Category landing page sub level

I continued the theme of the top level category pages through to the sub level pages. I felt there’s no point in confusing the user and it helped to keep a consistent journey.

The new product page

Undoubtedly the biggest change on site has been the launch of the new product page, which at the minute is AV specific, but will be rolled out across all categories in due course.

The primary emphasis of the new page is the use of rich media content (large photos and videos) to create the showroom experience online whilst simplifying the minefield of technical jargon that is present within the AV category.  

One of the key findings from the primary research work was that customers wanted to see large images when they were on the product page, so we have taken that insight and built the page around it. Central to the page is a new media gallery which houses our UX images, product review videos and feature videos. The accentuation of the  product review video within the prominent page real estate is also very significant. Results show that when a user engages with a product video, they are 95% more likely to buy a product. So with that in mind, we have gone all out to make sure that the user can access the video as easily as possible, by putting the primary call to action slap bang in the middle of the first product image. 

A brand new concept, the collections

Collections are a new concept on the site, which allow us to showcase a number of SKUs based on their suitability for a certain usage criteria or lifestyle. The first three collections pages to be rolled out are Sports, Movies and Family. The rationale for each part collection is narrated throughout the page, and explained in further detail on the page’s third tab, which also includes more interactive visual guides. Within the next week, we will also be adding in videos on the first tab for the sports collection to explain the benefits of sound systems and key TV features for sports. In the longer term, we will also be developing videos for the Movie and Family collections once we understand the added commercial value of the sports videos.

The largest development piece on this page is on the second tab, which groups products together as 3 defined packs and allows the user to add all three products to basket within a single click, which is a key part of the strategy to drive up the attachment rates within the category. The pages will also act as a key pages for display, retargeting and email marketing.

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