Mobile UX Design That Delights

How often do you start researching a product, reading an article, or listening to a podcast on one device and finish up on another? Common, right? Well your users are doing it too, and if you’re not creating delightful, cross-platform experiences—you’re likely to lose them.

The increasing use of mobile devices makes designing sites and apps more complex. To design for the user, you have to completely change the way you use to work and learn new tools, techniques, and patterns for success.

We’ve created a conference that focuses on the skills you need to create pleasing experiences for your customers regardless of the device they use. At the UX Immersion Mobile Conference, you’ll be led by industry experts on an intense dive into game-changing, mobile UX challenges.

Brad Frost will focus on establishing a practical foundation and workflow so your team can build responsive, adaptive interfaces. You’ll discuss how to use layout, image, and navigation patterns to design future-friendly experiences.

Karen McGrane wants to help you transform existing content into packages that work for your CMS, people, and users. You’ll learn how to publish content to many devices using one, author-centric workflow.

Mobile changes everything about how we conduct usability research. Cyd Harrell will let you in on the latest techniques for interviewing, gathering data, and involving your entire team.

Ease into mobile prototyping with Nate Schutta and discover that building prototypes using JavaScript and jQuery isn’t a black art. Dabble at using HTML and CSS in a text editor to debug what you’ve built. You don’t even have to be a coder for his workshop!

Dispel your fears of code, media queries, image optimization, and multi-device design with Jason Grigsby. See how fast and freeing mobile-first, responsive web design can be right now. Come ready to take your current CSS and HTML skills to the next level.

Ben Callahan knows that teams, timelines, and deliverables are an ever-changing challenge with responsive design. He’ll share how teams can manage expectations and create stronger products, faster by being truly responsive in both design and workflow.

Our presenters are experts on the ways mobile UX can transform teams and how users experience your content in this multi-device world. Learn more about the must-attend UX Mobile conference of 2014. See you in Denver!

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