Lean Roadmapping: Where Product Management & UX Meet, Our June 26 Virtual Seminar

Imagine a conversation between a UX designer and a product manager. This conversation delves into big-picture business goals and fast, low-risk ways to test design ideas—such as prototyping—that might achieve those goals. After all, this is the quickest way to gather real user data to inform a practical roadmap that’s focused on what problem you’re going to solve for customers. Sound interesting? On June 26, Bruce McCarthy shows you how to make these conversations—and more importantly their amazing outcomes—actually happen.

Attend this seminar, especially if you:

  • Would love to focus on getting the right things really right, rather than getting a whole lot things about half right
  • Are a UX designer who feels trapped in the weeds on a daily basis and wants to take a big step back to understand business goals first
  • Are a product manager responsible for creating roadmaps, but want to validate that users actually want what your team is planning to build before you commit your resources
  • Want to learn how to make clickable mockups and prototypes to test ideas early, and also to have another tool for prioritizing which features to add or remove

If you feel like you’re being asked for an endless list of features–or designing those features without the context of “why,” then register for Bruce’s seminar.

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