Getting Hands On: Experience Mapping Workshops Coming to SF & Austin

Last summer, we published our (free) Guide to Experience Mapping in which we provide a succinct overview of the value and process of collaboratively mapping customer experiences. We have been excited by its reception and the stories we hear from the community on how they’re putting the method to use in their organizations.

It’s not a surprise that the community (i.e., customer experience, user experience, and service design practitioners) has been hungry for guidance in how to better understand and design for experiences that unfold across touchpoints and over time. In our practice, experience mapping has proven to be an effective approach in creating understanding and empathy across a diverse set of stakeholders. From marketing, to development, to product management, to design, experience maps serve as actionable tools to define a unifying understanding of the goal: “How do we support the customer journey?”

If your goal is to help organizations not only answer this question but take action through creating valuable experiences, we would like to invite you to join us at one our of upcoming Experience Mapping workshops. These hands-on sessions go a few levels deeper than our guide into our approach to experience mapping. Through lecture and activities, you will learn:

Diving into experience mapping

  • The context, people, and systems involved in experience mapping
  • What a touchpoint is—and how to identify yours
  • Methods for conducting research on your users’ journey
  • Mapping with your team

Techniques for involving your organization in mapping activities

  • Ways to layer data to tell an engaging story about your users’ journeys
  • The stages, emotions, and channels that affect the quality of a journey
  • Creating a narrative

Ways to visually represent user data with richness, depth, and detail

  • The sizing, fidelities, and channels that influence your illustration
  • Using maps as a catalyst

How to identify, describe, and measure touchpoints in context of the journey

  • The criteria to vet touchpoints for cross-channel experiences
  • When to plug the touchpoints back into the full user’s journey


Adaptive Path Studio
Saturday, February 8 | 9:00am – 5:30pm
Register and get more details here

Adaptive Path Studio
Thursday, February 20 | 9:00am – 5:30pm
Register and get more details here

Use the promo code ‘BLOG’ when registering for a 10% discount.

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