Gaining Design Insights from Your Research Recruiting Process

Real user research means finding qualified people whose feedback shapes your business. On October 17, in Gaining Design Insights from Your Research Recruiting Process, Dana Chisnell will teach you her repeatable process for finding and interviewing real users to get great data. As a result, your team will be able to learn faster, design better, and smile a whole lot more.

Is this seminar for you?  It is if you:

  1. Would recruit your own research participants if it wasn’t so painful and confusing
  2. Are sick of no-shows (especially after spending time scheduling interviews)
  3. Want to understand your users, their motivations, and their expectations

Also, when you register by October 4, we’re giving away immediate, free access to a related recording: Beth Loring’s Effectively Moderating Usability Tests. With these two seminars your team will have valuable tools and examples they’ll need to make the most of your user research.

Save your team’s spot!




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