Dispelling the Myths About Innovation

Scott Berkun knows that exceptional designers aren’t just creative thinkers; they also work to understand the business and people around them. They are able to do this because they know how to invent ideas, develop them, and then persuade others to get on board. Scott works hard at dispelling the myths about innovation and showing how to avoid common mistakes people make when doing creative work. If you want to be better at innovation and avoiding common mistakes read on.

In the below post, we’ve listed out some great free articles and podcasts on this topic. But you can really dive in deep at this year’s User Interface 18 Conference in Boston, October 21-23, 2013. In Scott Berkun’s workshop Innovating on a Deadline, you’ll learn how to ask for what your team needs in order to do innovative work. You will also be shown how to develop a toolkit for both design work and creative work. On top of that you will be exposed to ideas about how to Invent ideas and develop them, overcome change resistance, and get comfortable making business and engineering decisions.

Here’s some reading about innovation

Listen to what the experts say about innovation

    Scott Berkun – Innovating on a Deadline
    Everyone wants to be innovative, to be the next iPhone, or Google. Innovation in itself is a tricky proposition. There’s really no way to aim for it as a goal and it’s not something you can declare you’re going to achieve. Many companies and products have been innovative though, so there must be some way to do it.

    Jared M. Spool – SpoolCast: Innovation Beyond the Buzzword
    How many IBM or General Electric television ads do we need to see before we are groaning at the mention of the word “innovation”? It’s too late for me, personally. But that doesn’t mean real innovation is dead. Steve Jobs has been quoted saying Apple will innovate their way through tight times. This past week Apple announced record revenues for the past quarter on impressive sales of premium products that aren’t supposed to sell well during down times. How are they flourishing while their competition is not?

    Jared M. Spool - SpoolCast – Creating a Culture of Innovation with Scott Berkun
    “We’re struggling with how to measure how well we are innovating […] Are we innovating better this year than last year? How would I know?” If you work in a larger company and you haven’t heard a statement like this, you’re going to. Innovation has become such a buzzword, it’s nearly meaningless. But that doesn’t mean innovation itself is dead. Innovation is critical, but it’s not being defined for those folks challenged with implementing it. Innovation is hard work. Scott asks that we face facts here; to find big, new ideas that will change things for the better will never be easy.

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