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Are you struggling with getting your design team organized on a project? Or do you want to make your kick-off meetings more effective and productive? Well we’re here to help you.

In preparing for Kevin Hoffman’s full-day workshop, Leading Super Productive Meetings at the UI18 Conference in Boston on October 21, we gathered up a slew of free resources to share with you on this topic. But these resources are just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll get the rest of the iceberg at Kevin’s workshop where he’ll provide helpful content, eye-opening hands-on exercises, and valuable one to one interactions. You’ll leave the workshop excited to schedule and conduct your next meeting. Go look at Kevin’s workshop description and you’ll see what we mean.

Here’s some reading about meetings

Listen to what the experts say about meetings

    Leading Super Productive Meetings – Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin Hoffman believes that the culture of an organization, not whether the team is remote or not, is the biggest factor in having productive meetings. Having a good set of principles really sets the tone for the collaborative process. Being able to quickly see options and constraints, and be able to collect feedback is instrumental to moving things forward.

    Designing Stellar Meetings – Kevin Hoffman
    An excerpt from Kevin’s UI17 talk, on six frameworks that help you design better meetings.

    Leading Productive Meetings – Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin has thought a lot about meetings. He views them as a design problem. There are dynamics that affect how successful a meeting can be. One thing Kevin has found successful is temporarily changing the organizational hierarchy. This allows everyone, leaders and their reports, to suggest ideas on an even plane. Inevitably this enhances the collaborative effort.

    Facilitating Project Kickoffs – Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin believes that kickoff meetings are the time to identify business strategy as well as company culture. It’s also important to assess any risks associated with the project in the kickoff meeting. Getting as many people involved at the onset of a project will help make the connection between project goals and the brand of the organization. It ensures everyone is on the same page.

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