Ask A Dev: Facebook Origami and Animation Prototypes


In our latest Ask a Dev video, web architect David Dulak answers this week's top question on whether it's possible to match an animation prototyped in Facebook Origami to the web.

Prototyping animations has recently become a huge part of design and development, as it's a great way to demonstrate what a working project will look like

As far as how to bring prototyped animations from programs such as Facebook Origami to web, there are two main options. One is to come up with the spring animation graph on your own, or by using the help of an open-source library like Frame JS and Facebook Rebound, which include web components. The second option is to use CSS3 keyframe animations. If you go the latter route, then Dulak recommends checking out Lavaca, which has a spring helper right in the animations library Read more...

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