An assortment of links

Every week there’s an assortment of links shared around the cxpartners studio. I thought it would be worth posting a selection to our blog occasionally.

Curious Rituals is a research project conducted by Nicolas Nova (The Near Future Laboratory). It’s all about gestures, postures and digital rituals that emerge with the use of digital technologies.

Electrolux Design Lab has some fun projects, with some interesting approaches documented in the development blogs of the designers.

SixUX is a daily dose of six second ui transitions and animations.

Sketchplanations explaining one thing a day in a sketch.

The Just Copy Amazon fallacy

A nice idea for urban planning: African bus routes redrawn using cell-phone data.

Jakob Nielsen has written an article on the pace of UI and over/under signalling.

Futuristic user interfaces.

I’ll leave you with a technique for producing ideas from James Webb Young.

1. Gather raw material
2. Digest the material
3. Unconscious processing
4. The a-ha moment
5. Idea meets reality.

and finally No Email Day from the folks at GDS.

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